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Bajra Aata

Bajra Aata

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‘Bajri se Dosti sehat ki tandaroosti’, the phrase often heard from dadaji and dadiji. This popular gluten free millet has more earthy and rustic benefits than one. Also called pearl millet, Bajri works as a pre-biotic in the gut, and is rich in fibre helping keep your digestive health in top form. While Bajri is a staple in the desert regions of Rajasthan, it has made considerable foray into the baking arena. Being a millet flour, it is tough to hold together by itself, but once combined with wheat flour it can be used to bake cakes, cookies, and more with ease. So from a thali to a tart, this flour tastes well in more things we can think of, and keeps hunger at bay longer too!. Lets move forward and make friendship with the super food.


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